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Handling: Any handling of weights and masses shall be in accordance with adapted hygiene rules.

Avoid :

  • taking weights with bare hands
  • exposing the weights to dust and dirt
  • storing weights in a humid atmospheree
  • submitting weights to a strong magnetic fields
  • pulling or pushing weights on a surface

Instruction for use depending on nominal value

Zwiebel accessories are intended to make the work. They enable you to handle, clean and maintain your weights and masses.

Nouvelle pincette Zwiebel

Tweezer for the handling of weights of 1 mg to 2 kg.
In stainless steel with preotected tips.
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Zwiebel - accessoires pinceaux

Brushes used for the superficial cleaning of the weights.
Flat brush in synthetic fiber.
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Zwiebel - accessoires poignée

Hare adapted to the cylindrical OIML model and facilitate the manipulation of the weights from 5 to 50kg in complete safety.
Aluminium handle and resin polyurethane bit.
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Zwiebel - accessoires kit nettoyage

Cleaning set : enable by blowing and  cleaning the long lasting life of your weights.

Zwiebel - accessoires cloche

Protective glass bell with aluminium base.

Zwiebel - accessoires fourche

Forks for the handling of weights of 500 g to 2 kg.
Aluminium stem with resin polyurethane fingers
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Zwiebel - table marbre

Granit table for balance support.
Possibility of all types of dimensions.
Please contact us for more details.

Zwiebel - accessoires poignée préhension

Handle for weights of 50kg
Aluminium handle and resin polyurethane bit.

Zwiebel - accessoires gants
Zwiebel - accessoires gants

Cotton or leather gloves that enable weights and masses manutention.

Zwiebel - accessoires elingue

Slings used for 100 to 2000kg masses manutention.

Composition des séries standards scientifiques Zwiebel

Table and antivibration plate

Table and antivibration plate features

Tables and antivibration plate were specially conceived to limit vibrations and shocks which may be harmful to the quality of your measurements.

Granit tables features

Particularly adapted for laboratories and metrology rooms, they offer following advantages:

  • A maximum resistance in use thanks to the hardness of the granite.
  • Humidity absorption is limited by the use of materials of low porosity.
  • A pronounced antivibrating effect by the use of well situated contacts.
  • High stability is ensured by adjustable feet.

Besides, our tables and supports:

  • Adapt themselves to your needs and installations.
  • Are available in various granite thickenesses.
  • Can be fixed or mobile by the association of the granite support to an aluminium structure.

Tables and plate Technical datasheets (PDF)